A new addition to the expanding flight collection. 

Constructed with our signature 4 way stretch nylon used for its versatility and comfortability in every purpose.  The flight hoodies are a relaxed fit hoodie silhouette finished with an elastic cuff and waist, front pocket and a wadded hood for structure.  

Product design insight

One main issue which we have when sampling this garment is making sure that the hood has some form of structure and would stand on its own and not flop about when been used while exercising or out and about in windy conditions.  To do this we have used a thin layer of wadding to both insulate the hood and also provide added structure where it can stand on its own.  The hood is then finished off with an elastic shock cord and cobrax Italian made toggle puller.

3 colours ways to choose from including black, navy and sage.  The sage is a mix between a brown and a grey and creates a great earthy tone, perfect for the fall.

Made in London, England.