600GSM Hoodies, what more could you want?

600GSM Hoodies, what more could you want?

Definitely one of the heaviest hoodies available.

Development has taken months and months to create these hoodies, completely refining the fit has been a big process.  Due to the weight and thickness of the fabric the flow of the hoodie is slightly different as there is less drape on the garment when worn, to combat this we have completely re designed the cut and fit of our heavyweight hoodies to what we believe is now the perfect fitting hoodie.

Starting at the fabric knitter in Portugal the fabric is custom knit to our exact specifications and weight, using a combed cotton yarn to allow for a super soft yet heavyweight fabric.  Once knitted the fabric then undergoes a brushing process to soften the inside and add more density to the fabric.  

Fabric is then sent to the factory where the garment are cut and sewn together by hand to ensure the highest quality possible.  Each item is un-dyed and made with shrinkage added to make sure once dyed the hoodie is the perfect sizing.

After the hoodies are sewn they are passed to dye, this is where each item is piece dyed in our fall shades and pre shrunk to avoid any shrinkage when you wash the garment.  This extra step is vital to making sure the hoodie lasts for as long as possible and fits the same after every wash.

We couldnt be happier with these hoodies and hope you all love them just as much as we do, a true luxury essential.

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